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Product Overview

The latest product offering the Lifeplot Framework is the Lifeplot UNIQ (Patent Pending)- a Simulataneous 12 Lead Mobile ECG.


The accuracy and timely availability of diagnostic data enables medical practitioners to make informed decisions. Any error in the reporting of data or data not received on time can prove fatal in the medical field; especially when dealing with critical data like ECG.

Lifeplot UNIQ is a complete mobile diagnostic cardiac care device which captures a 12 lead ECG record on field with the industry standard clinical accuracy, allows for on field viewing of the record, and for transmission of the captured record instantly without the need for any intermediately device like PC or mobile phone for connectivity. The benefit of remote wireless monitoring to the cardiologist or cardiac service is that it provides a better diagnostic yield and improved patient care management. The complete stream of diagnostics information reflects a more complete picture of a patient's cardiac activity than can be communicated verbally, with the advantage that abnormalities can be detected earlier than ever before. The Lifeplot UNIQ is ideal for critical-care units, coronary care units, cardiac cath lab, stress lab, emergency departments and endoscopy suites where frequent 12 lead diagnostic ECGs are needed.

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